As India steps into the much-awaited festive season, the travel landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation, with a surge in demand for unique experiences and a notable shift in preferred destinations. The celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi have set the tone, marking the beginning of a series of major festivals such as Dusshera and Diwali. Despite initial expectations that the term “pent-up demand” would fade post-COVID, the appetite for travel remains robust in 2023, signaling not just a resurgence but a redefined normalcy.

The travel experts provide key insights into the travel trends that are expected to shape the festive fervor this season. Below are those:

Rise of Experiential Travel

Experiential travel continues to dominate travelers’ bucket lists, reflecting a strong desire for unique and memorable experiences. The muted period of the pandemic seems to have intensified this inclination, making experiential travel a cornerstone of the new normal.

Resurgence of Domestic Tourism

The rise of domestic destinations like Goa, Munnar, and Lucknow to prominence indicates a resurgence of interest in exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural heritage within the country. This trend aligns with the global movement towards sustainable and local tourism, with travelers seeking to discover hidden gems within their own borders.

Flight Prices and Booking Trends

In 2023, the average domestic flight price for the holiday season hovers around INR 6000, marking a 6% increase from the same period in 2022. Despite the price uptick, there is a surge in ticket bookings, highlighting the resilience and eagerness of travelers to embark on journeys. For best offer you can visit us at

A shift in Domestic Travel Destinations

Goa has claimed the top spot as the preferred domestic travel destination for the upcoming holiday season, displacing Jaisalmer from its previous position. The list is further populated by Udaipur, Jaipur, Munnar, and Lucknow. Notably, except for Goa, none of these destinations featured in the top 5 during the last holiday season.

International Hotspots

Pattaya has emerged as the leading international destination for Indian travelers this holiday season, followed by Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hanoi. This marks a change from 2022 when Singapore held the top position. Hanoi’s inclusion underscores the growing interest in culturally rich destinations.

Changing Dynamics of Solo Travel

The inclusion of long-haul destinations in the top choices for solo female travelers, namely London and Toronto, reflects the changing dynamics of solo travel. While short-haul destinations remain popular, the willingness of solo travelers to embark on more extended journeys to culturally rich and diverse locations indicates a growing sense of confidence and independence among this demographic.

Preference for Short-Haul International Travel

Short-haul international destinations continue to dominate the preferences of Indian travelers. However, a noteworthy trend is the inclusion of two long-haul destinations, London and Toronto, in the top 5 for solo female travelers. Dubai held the top spot for solo female travelers in the previous year.

Booking Windows for Hotels

A distinctive trend is the shortening of the advance booking window for both domestic and international hotel bookings. On average, the booking window has contracted by 10-15% compared to last year’s holiday season. However, there is no significant change in the advance booking window for flight reservations.

Extended Holiday Durations

Domestic hotel bookings reveal a trend where travelers are extending their holiday durations by 30% compared to the same period in the previous year. This emphasizes the heightened importance of travel among Indian travelers, with experiences taking precedence.


As the upcoming festive season unfolds, the travel industry anticipates a promising outlook, driven by an increased demand for travel and vacations from October to December. The resilience and adaptability of the travel landscape reflect not just a recovery from the challenges posed by the pandemic but a reimagining of travel norms in the new era. The blend of experiential preferences, shifting destination dynamics, and evolving booking patterns paints a vibrant picture of India’s travel aspirations in 2023. Whether it’s the allure of Goa’s beaches, the cultural tapestry of Hanoi, or the cosmopolitan charm of Dubai, travelers are gearing up for a festive season filled with exploration, discovery, and the creation of lasting memories.