Coorg is a beautiful hill station in South India with breathtakingly beautiful views and endless possibilities for adventures. For both city people and tourists, There is a  variety of adventure activities in  Coorg, including hiking to scenic overlooks, touring Buddhist monasteries, and relaxing by waterfalls. Some of the greatest activities to do in Coorg include hiking through the hills, shopping in the city, exploring lakes, relaxing by waterfalls, etc. You can also visit Buddhist monasteries, enjoy birdwatching, and interesting lakes. It is also known as the “Scotland of India” because of its lush surroundings, which draw tourists from all over the world. The entire town is covered in a carpet of coffee plantations, a blanket of tranquility, hot spices, and chilling breezes all year round. Although the meandering roads and uncharted routes beckon to those with an adventurous spirit as well, coming here to restore your body’s senses will leave you with an unmatched sense of tranquility and a determination to return as soon as you can. Check out the extensive list of things to do in Coorg that is provided below. Explore this natural paradise with our package.

  1. Enjoy the splendor of Abbey Falls-Abbey Falls, also known as Abbi Falls, is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in and around Coorg.It is located approximately 10 kilometers from Madikeri. The water pours down the rock from a height of 70 feet, creating a stunning scene. Around 200 stairs are required to descend to the falls from the main entrance, and the path goes by distinctive coffee, cardamom, pepper, and other spice plantations. There is a bridge that crosses the falls so you may still see their magnificence even though swimming in them is no longer authorized. Few things to do in Abbey Falls-
    • Enjoy the spectacular natural beauty: This area is renowned for its lush green surroundings and stunning natural beauty. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in South India, it is a treat to behold the waterfalls pouring down from a height of 70 feet amid a vast environment.
    • Visit to coffee and cardamom plantations: Abbey Falls is home to numerous plantations for coffee, cardamom, and other spices, and visiting them is a very unforgettable experience.
    • Trekking: One of the most captivating activities to look forward to at Abbey Falls is hiking across the undulating topography of the Sahyadri range. The trip, which lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, is a rewarding experience. The thrilling activity will raise your heart rate and provide a welcome diversion from everyday chores.
    • Experience Tibetan Culture at the Golden Temple- In Coorg, there are several temples, but this one is one of the best tourist attractions in Coorg. Coorg is home to the lone Tibetan colony in Southern India. Locally, the Namdroling Monastery, a stunning Tibetan temple, is also known as the Golden Temple. As seen by the ornately decorated temple tower and ornate outside walls that are painstakingly and beautifully painted with murals, the Namdroling Monastery contains some exceptional examples of Tibetan architecture and artwork. It’s a wonderful method to expose kids to various cultures. Tibetan cuisine including momos and thukpas is also available at the nearby vendors! Undoubtedly, one of the nicest things to do in Coorg is to visit Bylakuppe.
  1. Heritage Tour of Madikeri Fort- Madikeri Fort is an interesting heritage building in Coorg which dates back to the latter half of the 17th century. Inside the fort’s perimeter was a palace. The fort was originally erected by Mudduraja, but Tipu Sultan and the Britishers repaired and renovated it. Today the fort boasts a clock tower, a museum, and a park on its premises. Here is the list of things to do in Madikeri
    • Camping at Madikeri-Over the past few years, camping in Madikeri has become a well-known pastime. There are many campgrounds available, so you may pick the best one for you. You won’t even need to consider what to do in Madikeri if you go camping. It is advised to choose, reserve, and unwind at your campground in advance to prevent any form of trouble at the last minute.
    • Jeep Safari: Discover the Wilderness-Do you enjoy discovering nature’s splendor next, enjoying the Jeep Safari is one of the best things to do in Madikeri. Nishani Hills, an off-road Jeep drive, Kabbe Hills, which offers stunning views of the terrain, and Mallalli Waterfalls, which leads to Madikeri’s jaw-dropping waterfalls, are some of the top Jeep Safari alternatives that are accessible in Madikeri.
  1. Visit to Elephant camp-When visiting Coorg, you must experience the well-known south Indian elephant camps. The Dubare Elephant Camp is the place to go if you want to have a little fun. Safaris with animals, elephant rides.While at the camp, you can go on nature walks and look for wildlife, among other activities. With a sizable herd of elephants that you can ride, feed, and bathe, the elephant camp in Dubare is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Madikeri. It is located along a river, and in the heat of the summer, especially in May, it is regarded as the ideal spot to cool off. Try this fun activity with Our Package.
  2. Explore the Flavors on a Food Tour-Coorg cuisine is unique and different from the rest of Karnataka. It’s predominantly non-vegetarian and uses local ingredients like forest produce, meat, rice and rice-based products. Eating their renowned pandi or pork curry is one of the must-do activities in Coorg, India. Akki rotti, nool puttu, and koovaleputtu are available for vegetarians.
  3. Barapole: Take a River Rafting Trip-River rafting is one of the most underappreciated things to do in Coorg. Coorg is actually a great place to go white-water rafting, especially during the monsoon season. In Coorg, river rafting is a popular activity virtually all year long. It is advisable to go during the rain if you want an amazing rafting experience. Go river rafting in Coorg during July and August for an even better experience. It is the perfect season to go rafting over fantastic rapids because the rivers and lakes are full.

The foliage near the river is at its brightest and the weather is also lovely during the monsoon.

  1. Try your hand at rock climbing and rappelling-one of the thrill activities to try in Coorg. Rappelling is done in rushing waterfalls, and rock climbing is done in a genuine environment, making the experience incredibly captivating. The beauty of the location makes a visit here unforgettable and enjoyable.
  2. Safari in the wildlife at Nagarhole National Park-Coorg is endowed with beautiful natural and wildlife areas. Therefore, one of the best things to do in Coorg is to go on a wildlife safari. And one of the ideal locations for doing so is Nagarhole National Park. The Rajiv Gandhi National Park, commonly known as the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, is where the park is located. The Kabini River runs through it, while the Brahamagiri Mountains surround it. You may come face to face with tigers and Asian elephants on the safari.
  3. Fly Like A Bird: Microlight Flying-The Coorg region’s spectacular environment is ideal for microlight flying. To experience the excitement, fly 5000 feet above the ground. Fly over the lush mountains and raging river Cavaury to take in the breathtaking scenery. The flight departs from Ponnampet and heads toward Coorg’s southern region. The length is typically 10 to 30 minutes.
  4. Enjoy Natural Beauty in Nisargadhama-When on vacation in Coorg, you absolutely must visit Nisargadhama because it will provide you with natural beauty. Beautiful views and an educational experience may be found in the 64-acre Nisargadhama delta. You may access this area through a swinging bridge, where you’ll find further teak, sandalwood, and bamboo trees.
  5. Unwind With An Ayurvedic Massage-An Ayurvedic massage is an experience that embodies complete physical and mental relaxation while speaking of southern India. When you treat yourself to an Ayurvedic massage in Coorg, you can experience this type of renewal. Such massages are proven to heal people as well thanks to their natural oils and professional training.
  6. Check out the scenery from Raja’s Seat-One of the images that is difficult to forget even after leaving a place is the magnificent scene at Raja’s Seat. It’s nice to go here around sunrise and sunset because it has a magnificent melodic fountain. There are several things to look forward to, including the journey there.

These are the top activities in Coorg. If you love the outdoors, you should indulge in these pursuits. So why do you still wait? Get ready to lose yourself in the splendour of this lovely hill town. You will undoubtedly be enthralled by this location’s tranquillity and breath-taking beauty and drawn back to it repeatedly. For packages and details contact us.