Skeptical about visiting Leh Ladakh? Also, don’t find it worthy? Here in this blog, we have mentioned reasons to Visit Leh Ladakh that are exactly for you to realize the reasons you need to know to visit Leh Ladakh. A spot where you can relax but also find mountains, beaches, lakes, and dewy skies. While being in the middle of all this gives you a feeling of a hug from nature. It is truly said that Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Leh Ladakh Tour is also filled with multiple adventure activities from biking to camping and trekking. Although there are these fun escapades, at the same time the journey is filled with earthy eateries and the authenticity of their culture.

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Leh Ladakh?

  1. Bundle of trekking and camping
  2. Land of bike riders
  3. Divine Lakes
  4. The Nubra Valley
  5. Best Tibetan Eateries
  6. Rafting in White Water
  7. Monasteries
  8. Indulgence with the local folks
  1. Bundle of trekking and camping: One of the many reasons Leh Ladakh is also known for its camping and trekking spots. They are available in a plethora of options like jeep safari, mountain climbing, and white water rafting. The city is filled with an ample amount of radiant mountains and valleys. Some highly recommended trekking and camping places are Stok Kangri, Tso Moriri, Markha, and Chadar Valley. There is also a special activity of night camping under glowing stars. It is certainly dangerous but nothing beats passion.
  1. Land of bike riders: Leh Ladakh is known to have the country’s most dangerous bike rides due to the steep roads. A perfect ride for a good dose of adrenaline rush. These rides are not famous in India but also around the world. Tourists from various countries are thrilled about such an adventure. There are also special biking events for bikers who crave for these enjoyable bike rides.
  1. Divine Lakes: Leh Ladakh possesses two of the most enchanting lakes Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso lake. These lakes are perfect for your Instagram story. They are located at high altitudes giving the most mesmerizing view. The lakes are incredibly popular for camping and bonfires as the climate tends to get cold and cozy. The Pangong Tso lake is situated on the beautiful Chantang Plateau. A lot of Bollywood movies have used this location in some of their scenes.
  1. The Nubra Valley: This particular valley has to offer the most surreal experience to travelers from all over the world. The valley is one of its kind with the unique feature of the landscapes and it also provides camel rides on Bactrian Double Humped camels. The Nubra Valleys is very popular for the monasteries of Diskit which fall along the Nubra and Shyok rivers.
  1. Best Tibetan Eateries: In chilly weather like Leh and Ladakh some good warm food just makes our soul dance. Here you will get to relish the best momos and thukpa. These are some authentic Tibetan dishes that are merely enjoyed by tourists. It is almost equivalent to falling in love with the world all over again.
  1. Rafting in White Water: The ideal time to visit Leh Ladakh is during summer. The weather is appropriate and inviting for tourists. Another fun-filled activity to recharge you is this unique experience of white water rafting. This sport usually can be participated in in the Zanskar river which is otherwise also known as the Grand Canyon of India. To enjoy this venture, you must avoid visiting during winter.
  1. Monasteries: Leh Ladakh has a great deal of influence from the Tibetan Buddhist monks. That is precisely the reason that the city has a lot of beautiful monasteries. These peaceful ashrams have the best vibe for meditation and mindful yoga. The most known and visited one has to be Spituk Gompa which is located at the top of a hill showcasing the most scenic view. 
  1. Indulgence with the local folks: The people of Leh Ladakh surely make it a very integral part of the city due to their rich cultural heritage and traditions. The Ladakhis are a unit of diversification. They have residents from central Asia and Jammu Kashmir. The religion widely seen is half follow Buddhism and the other half believe in Islam. 

Leh Ladakh is surely an explicit combination of fun and adventure with a large pour of nature. To attain this level of fun connect with Visadone. We provide tailor-made packages suitable for your needs. 

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